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What's inside: Great ideas for a fun fall with kids, recipes and Halloween tips!

How To Activate Kids During A The Cold Fall

Fall is officially here. The kids have started school, the weather has shifted quickly and before we know it, we’ll be putting up Christmas lights.

Okay, I might get just a little bit ahead of myself.

All though Christmas is beautiful with all the snow and all its joyfulness, there’s something special about fall.

The leaves become so colorful and pretty and the cold makes up for the perfect excuse for you to stay inside while enjoying a hot cup of tea and a good book.

Or at least that’s what you’re trying to do but your kids just won’t leave you alone because “there’s nothing fun to do”.

If this is a situation that you recognize, then I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined a couple of awesome bloggers from the Mom Bloggers Tribe and we’ve put together a list of fall fun with kids, just for you.

Have a happy fall!

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I’ve joined forces with 19 other bloggers and here’s our list of tips for a fun fall with kids:

Fun Fall Activities

1. Our New Fall Tradition: Fall Family Fun Bucket List

Let’s start off in at the right end. Create a bucket list with this free fall bucket list template. Then scroll through this list to find some great activities to put on the list.
Discovering Whimsy


2. Fall Family Bucket List

Don’t wanna go through the trouble of coming up with ideas for your fall bucket list? Here you’ll find a pre-made bucket list of 22 things you can do with your family this fall. It’s ready to print!
Army Wife With Daughters


3. Toddler’s Fall Fun Check Off List 

Here’s another great pre-made bucket list. For your toddler! Parents and toddlers usually don’t have the same idea of what “Fun” is, so having separate bucket lists might be a good idea.
Taylor 411


4. 10 Fun Fall Activities For The Whole Family

Over at Fab Working Mom, you’ll find 10 overall ideas for fall that I think every family should do every fall. You’ll find ideas that work both at home, outside and on vacation. This list pretty much covers it all.
Fab Working Mom Life


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5. 10 Amazing Reasons to be Excited for Fall

Feeling about down that summer is over? There’s no need to pout. There are AT LEAST 10 reasons for you to be excited about fall. Plus, here’s another bucket list for you if you need to add even more activities to your list.
Living for the Sunshine


6. 22 of The Best Fall Books For Toddlers

Reading to your child is the perfect indoor activity for crisp fall afternoons. Need some reading tips? Here you’ll find 22 book tips that are all about the amazing season called fall.
Toot’s Mom Is Tired


7. Fall Tree Activity For Toddlers

What are you supposed to do with all those leaves that your toddler collects every time he’s outdoors? Head over to Spit Up and Sit Ups to see what kind of craft project they made with leaves.
Spit Up And Sit Ups


8. 5 Exciting Fall Activities That Will Make You Feel Alive

There are activities and then there are Activities. You could bake an apple pie or start a fun project this fall, or you could do any of these 5 exciting fall activities that will make you feel alive.
White Sands And Cool Breezers


Great tips for the best halloween ever

9. 25 Fun, Frugal and Fabulous Fall Activities

One good thing about fall is that there are tons of free activities you can do. This means that you can have a lot of fun with your family both indoors and outside, without having to blow up the bank. 
Seaside Sundays


10. Celebrating Fall on Long Island

Do you live on, or are planning on visiting Long Island this fall? Then this is a must-read for you. Jen from Diapers & Dogfood doesn’t just list some great activities, she actually tells you where to go for some real fun times.
Diapers & Dogfood


There are tons of free activities you can do in the fall! Check out this awesome list of ideas! Click To Tweet


11. Fall Activities For Kids – Creating A Social Calendar 

When you’ve gone through this post of great fall activities, you can print this free fall homemaking schedule and start planning out your fall so that you don’t miss out on doing any of the fun activities you want to do.
The Graceful Olive



Halloween Tips

12. 31 Not-So-Scary Halloween Shows

This tip is just for mom and dad (but you could benefit from some good time too, right?). Enjoy everything that’s great about Halloween, without the scary parts, with these 31 not-so-scary Halloween shows.
The Vintage Millennial


13. Fun And Unique Family Matching Costume Ideas (For The Best Halloween Ever!)

This is the ultimate list of matching Halloween costumes for the entire family. You’ll find both funny, cool, cute and scary costumes on this list that almost guarantee you an awesome Halloween.
Awesome Alice


14. DIY Halloween Spider Web Wreath

There are so many spooky Halloween wreaths out there but a lot of them have a scary price tag too. Here you’ll find a cool and easy DIY project for this years Halloween wreath that only cost $10!
Sass And Shamrocks



Delicious fall recipes


Fall Recipes

15. Super-Yummy Pumpkin Dip

Looking for a super-yummy snack with that delicious pumpkin spice flavor that goes so well with autumn? If so, this pumpkin dip is a must-try.
Super Mom Hacks


16. Salted Caramel Apple Dumplings Recipe #MakersMixUp

Not sure what to do with all those apples from your apple picking trip? Why not try this recipe of Salted Caramel Apple Dumplings?
Hello Nature


17. Healthy Oatmeal Carrot Cake Cookies

Do you enjoy a piece of carrot cake every now and then? The next time you decide to bake a carrot cake, spice it up and try out this healthy Oatmeal Carrot Cake Cookies instead.
Orchids and Sweet Tea


18. Healthy & Delicious Halloween

Want some yummy healthy Halloween recipes & party foods that feel indulgent but are nutritious, whole & natural foods (and super easy)? Then check out these great tips!
Going Crunchy Not Crazy


19. How to Make Slow Cooker Turkey Breast for a Crowd

Not sure what to serve at your next dinner party or are planning a big gathering for Thanksgiving? Nicole over at The Professional Mom Project has a great recipe for you.
The Professional Mom Project


20. Mama’s Delicious & Easy Apple Pie

Those two words got me hooked. Delicious and easy, just what I crave. It’s a fall favorite over at the Mama Needs Cake blog and I’m sure it will be your new fall favorite too!
Mama Needs Cake


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