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Do you get distracted easily?

When you’re trying to focus on one task, does it usually end in you scrolling through Facebook, checking your mail or maybe even dusting some shelves instead? And then all of the sudden, the time you had set out to finish the task is over and you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.

We are only given a limited amount of hours each day and we all want to make the most of them. So now it’s time for you to start working smarter instead of harder, give up the endless Facebook scrolling and take back your time!

Here’s how you can start maximizing your productivity, dump the guilt of getting nothing accomplished, and get more done!



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How to Use Time-Blocking To Get More Done

Time-blocking means that you work in chunks of time and focus on one single task. When your time is focused in one area for a certain amount of time, you’re often quite effective.

Time and all the crazy things in your life has a way of controlling you. But when you time-block you’re taking control of your time and hold yourself accountable for completing the task you’ve started.



Focus on One Single Task

Your time-blocks should be 20-30 minutes long but some tasks need even more time than that to be completed. Plan to work on one task for multiple blocks after each other if you need to.

The point is to only focus on one task at a time even if it’s for hours in a row. If your task is to write blog posts, you shouldn’t check your email between every written paragraph. If your task is to clean the bathroom, then don’t stop to scroll through Facebook. Keep cleaning and check Facebook when you’re done and have washed your hands!


Eat The Frog

Even if you’re not time-blocking, you should always do the most important task of the day first. Even if you get nothing else done that day, at least you can cross that important thing off your checklist. Turn off your phone and ignore your email during this time so there are no distractions preventing you from getting finished.

Do your toughest tasks when you’re feeling most sharp during the day. If you’re not a morning person, your sharpest period may be after lunch, when your kids are watching their favorite show or after they’ve gone to bed.


Take Breaks

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on completing one block or 5 blocks of 30-minutes, you need to take breaks. Get up and go to the bathroom, drink your water, go outside for some fresh air or just about anything! Without breaks, both you and your work will suffer.

Set a timer when you start a new block. That way you won’t need to check the clock all the time or worry about getting lost in the task. When the timer goes off you move on to the next block. If you didn’t complete the task within the dedicated block you simply just block out more time later to finish it.


What If I Don’t Feel Like Doing the Task?

Sometimes you might not feel like doing the task you’ve planned. You may have a mental block when it’s time to write, or you’re not in the mood to go for a run when it’s your workout time. My best tips for this is to just do it anyway.

You may not like this tip and you may not end up doing your very best. But at least you did it! And you can always go back to edit your work later and improve it.

And if you find that you still want to quit 5 minutes into your run, take it slower or just go home and start your next task. No one’s going to get mad at you for trying but a lot of times when you’ve started something, you’re going to end up thinking that you might as well finish it!


Use A Planner

Use a planner to keep track of your time-blocks and stay organized. The Happy Planner works great for time-blocking. You can spend 5 minutes each night to plan out the next day or keep the same schedule each week if every week consists of the same type of tasks for you.

Having a planner will make the work you need to do feel less overwhelming and you’ll feel more productive as you cross over one task and move on to the next. Don’t forget to schedule in some free time too! You’re not supposed to be productive and work, clean or running errands all the time. Sometimes the task is simply to just relax, read a book or hang out with your family!



Let’s chat down below! What’s your best tip to get more done?