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Is your kids’ room filled with toys and clutter everywhere? Here’s how to keep your kids room free from clutter and keep the chaos under control! 


How to keep your kids room free from clutter | Toy clutter | Organize playroom | How to organize kids toys


Is there anything else that can literally take over your whole house, then toy clutter? Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. But I don’t love the messes they create EVERYWHERE.

I want my living room to be a calm space where we can relax and enjoy the company of each other. And I want my kitchen to be a happy place where we can discover new and exciting flavors. But somehow these spaces have become a dumping ground for my kids’ toys.

I don’t expect my kids to play quietly in their rooms. But wouldn’t it be nice if when they’re done playing with something, they’d at least put it back where it belongs? And I don’t just mean dumping it on the floor of their bedroom…

I’ve found the kids bedrooms to be, by far, the most difficult space to keep clean, clutter free and organized in our home. But I’ve found a way to compromise my need for controlling the chaos in our house, and their need to let loose, be messy and play.

So let’s tackle the chaos in your kids room, and save your sanity at the same time! Here’s how to keep your kids room free from clutter in 6 easy steps! 


Take The Time To Organize The Toys

First things first, if you want to control the clutter in your kid’s bedroom, you need to take the time to organize your kids’ toys. Because even if you’re lucky enough that your kids keep their toys and play in their room, they’re probably great at making messes by turning toy boxes upside down when trying to find the right toy.

If you want to keep your kids’ room clean and clutter-free, you need to make it easy for them to find the toys they’re looking for. When they don’t have to throw out every single toy they own just to find that special one, there will be less for you to clean and now that they know where everything should go, they can help.


Only Keep Toys That Gets Played With

Kids usually have their favorite toys that they play with over and over again. Everything else that rarely gets touched should go in the attic or given to Goodwill. Pay attention to what things your kids actually play with, and not just take out and throw on the floor, then put away the rest.

When it comes to toys, less is usually more. Having fewer toys can really spike the imagination of kids. A lego brick can become an animal, a piece of food, a rocket ship or anything else when they put their imagination to use!

If you’re worried that your kids will miss something, simply keep it in the attic for a couple of months. If they ask for it, then swap out something else. If they still haven’t asked for the toy in a couple of months, then don’t be afraid to give it away!


Implement Toy Rotation

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you organize and sort the toys in different bins. If your kids simply have too many toys, it may be smart to start a toy rotation. This is a great way to take control of the toys in your house and at the same time, help your kids get the most out of their playtime.

Divide the toys into different groups and keep one group in a box in storage. This will prevent your kids from feeling overwhelmed by having too many choices. And when your kids can see everything that they have, the toys will be more appreciated and played with more often. Every few weeks or months you can swap the toys and your kids will find the “new” toys exciting again.

I allow my one-year-old to have about ten toys in her toy bin. Out of these, three items are books and the rests are a mix of toys with sounds and toy animals. When she had all of her toys in the same place, she rarely played with them at all. But after implementing toy rotation, she is satisfyingly playing with her toys for a longer period of time than ever before.


How to keep your kids toys organized | Toy storage ideas | Organize kids room | How to organize kids toys


Keep Toys With Lots Of Pieces Out Of Reach

There seems to be some sort of universal rule that in order for a toy to be fun, it has to come in a million pieces. I mean what’s the point of having 500 extra screws and nails to a toy tool set? And who really need about a gazillion different puzzles when they’re almost never taken apart and put back together?

It’s not difficult to understand why there’s usually so much toy clutter in a house with one or more kids. And even though kids love that the toys come with a million pieces and accessories, parents usually don’t.

Keep the kids puzzles, games, craft supplies, play-doh, pens and paper, and other toys with small pieces on a shelf high up to control the clutter in your house. When your kids have to ask your help to reach these toys, it will be much easier for you to practice the “put back the old toy before taking out something new” rule.


Label Where Things Should Go

Having a place for everything and everything in its place makes it so much easier to clean and put things where they belong. Using labels make it easy for everyone in your family to put things where they belong and your kids won’t be able to get out of cleaning anymore by arguing that they don’t know where their things should go.

But why should you even bother to label everything when you already know where they should go? Well, your husband won’t know where you’ve decided that everything should go! And when labels are used properly, you won’t have to remind him over and over again to put your kids Lego, dolls, and games where they belong.

Be as specific as you can when labeling. If you label a bin “doll clothes”, then your kids should know where to go when they want to dress up their dolls. But if you only label the bins “toys”, they’ll have a much harder time to find what they’re looking for and the clutter will soon be back.


Involve Your Kids In Cleaning

Kids can learn to help out with everyday chores from an early age. A one-year-old can help clean up by putting things away (with some direction from you) and dusting with an old rag can be a fun activity for a very long time.

You can always find an age-appropriate task that your kids can help out with. Helping out around the house is such an important lesson they need to learn, and even though you might finish the task ten times faster than they do, one day in the future the training will pay off.

I’ll have to admit that my five-year-old doesn’t clean his room every day. I do it for him the majority of the times but I often request that he helps out with emptying the dishwasher, unpacking the grocery bags or something else instead. But every single time that he finishing cleaning his room by himself, he comes out with a big grin on his face and beams with pride.


How to keep your kids room free from clutter | Toy clutter | Organize playroom | How to control toy chaos

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Kids toys sure have a way of finding their way to every room in the house. But with a well-organized playroom, it becomes easier for both you, your kids and anyone else who helps out with cleaning, to keep the chaos under control. These 6 tips will help you keep your kids’ room free from clutter every day, and as a result, there will be less Lego for you to step on the next time you walk through your living room!


How do you keep your kids’ room organized and free from clutter?